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Greeting and aim.               1. .

Good afternoon. I am glad to see you. Lets start our lesson. Today well revise everything we have learnt about music, styles of music, practice our listening, reading, speaking. So our todays topic is “Music. Styles of music.”


Warming up.                     2. .

Answer the questions:

Who likes music?

What is your favourite group?

Who is your favourite singer?

Now I and Olia have a surprise for you. Olia wants to sing a song Yesterday

Do you like her singing?

Do you know the style of song?

What is your impression?( brilliant, exciting, fantastic…)

What kind of music do you know?( classical, rock, jazz, rap)


 II. .

Oral Practice                                   1. .


All of you will be given a card. Read about the definitions of different styles of music. Well read one by one.


choir music  that has religious background 


played  with the help of electric instruments  and steady  rhythm 


music played by military  bands 


music from  the   West Indians, with a strong  regular beat. It develops in Jamaica, especially  1960s, and its best known  singer  was Bob Marley


composed many years ago  and sung  by people  or choirs [ kwaie]


a musical style  where the singer speaks or shouts the words


a style of music that was popular especially in the 1950s but is still played now. It has a strong, loud beat  and is usually played  on electrical instruments. The best known singer Elvis Prestley


heavy metal

A style based on blues and rhythm and blues, but with the electric instruments amplified so they are very loud.


music that is popular and originated  from the southern  and western  United States.  It has 


a slow, sad style, originally  from  the southern  states  of the USA


both music  and dance  from Latin  America, especially  Argentina

British Beat

The Beatles in the 1960s mixed rhythm and blues, rock and roll, and soul music. The new style was beat music. Groups used drums, bass and two guitars with vocal lead and harmony.


Now our teacher of music will play different styles of music and your task is to guess what style of music it is.

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